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    Gonzo Reporter

    Tu stiv 'nziem a nat, je te guardajie/ e primma e da 'o tiemp all'uocchie pe sa nnammurà/ già s'era fatt annanz o core: "A ME, A ME!" .../ o ssaje comm fa o' core quann s'é nnammurat!/ Tu stiv nziem a mme, je te guardav e me ricev:/ "Ma comm sarrà succiess, ch'è frnut? Ma io nun m'arrend, ci voglio pruvà!"/ pò se facette annanze o core e me ricette: "vuò pruvà? E pruov, je me ne vac..."/ o ssaje comm fa o core quann s'è sbagliat...! MASSIMO TROISI


maria camera nikonSalve, sono Maria vivo ad Ischia e le mie passioni sono la comunicazione, la tv, il cinema, la musica e la letteratura…

Initially what began as hobbies, have now developed into a full time job.

As an open minded and passionate Freelancer, I offer services as a Web Agency.

I’m a Communicator. I love searching for interesting news on the net and other medias and putting them together on the web.

I love to create contents for customers and employers and can write fluently in Italian and English.

I’m an inspired Web Developer: creating websites using the most popular Open Source CMS. Most of my experience is with WordPress. I like to try to satisfy every Customer’s individual needs and requirements.

I’m an SEO and an SEM.

I’m a Web Marketing Manager: I create web marketing strategies for viral strategies (sites, communities, forums, social networks)

I’m developing my DEM techniques: I create, manage and optimize Direct Email Marketing Campaigns.

I’ve begun to use and love using CRM: vTiger CRM is my favourite. My abilities are to configure, manage and customize this open source web based software to establish, optimize and manage relations with employers, customers, optimizing selling and analyzing statistics.

As a hobby I’m an Android & iPhone Developer: I usually create simple applications to develop usability

I love Open Source. All my work is created using a mixture of various OS

I love my home, the island of (Ischia) and I’m good at Territorial Marketing

What I do:
I can write about any subject required as writing is my passion and my way of seeing the world.

As I live behind a keyboard, I develop contents for websites, blogs, upgrade community profiles and keep in touch with customers through Social Medias.

With a personalized strategy I easily build a web brand reputation and keep it going.

I love reading English/Irish literature and I am in the process of writing a book

I love music and play guitar, drums and pennywhistle.

My motto is: “If I have seen a little further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” (Isaac Newton)

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  1. Buongiorno,
    dove posso contattarla in pvt?
    Mi piacerebbe illustrarle un nuovo progetto televisivo che spero possa veder partecipe il suo blog.

  2. Ciao! ☺ ti ho taggata/nominata nel mio articolo http://carlottabellisai.com/2015/03/10/81/#more-81


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